Thursday, July 30, 2009

I'm a Snake!!

Some friends and I went to a little unknown restaurant called Saigon Noodle House. It's located on 440 W 300 S in Provo. It's actually really good. You get tons of food for $4.95. I would suggest going there if you're in the mood for Chinese food. Oh yeah, it's supposedly a Chinese slash Vietnamese restaurant, but it's mainly Chinese. Anyway, they have the funniest waiter, too. He's quietly sarcastic. Throws you off guard, but so funny.

Anyway, they have place mats that have the Chinese Zodiac on them. I was born in the year of the snake and am quite proud of the description of "snake people". Here's a little info I found on a website to share how cool snake people are! Also, I wanted to correct the grammar, but then I thought that it adds to the credibility of the message.

Sidenote: I'm compatible with Oxen, Roosters, and Dragons, so if you're down...I'm down.

Snake Personality:

The person born in the year of snake is the wisest and most enigmatic of all. He/she can become a philosopher, a theologian, a political lizard or a wily financier. Such person is a thinker who also likes to live well. The snake - person loves books, music, clothes, and fine food; but with all his fondness for the good things of life, his innate elegance gives him a dislike for frivolities and foolish talk. They like communicating and like interesting conversations, although if the conversation becomes repetitive their attention may soon wander. It is almost impossible to fix their attention for long talking about the weather. They prefer to focus on new interesting unusual ides and intelligent discussion in general. These people have a special feeling that enables them to judge situations correctly and so they are alert to new possibilities and when they have an idea of what to and how to do it, they you pursue it persistently and energetically. These people are self-confident and usually don't bother themselves listening to someone else's opinion. But this side of their character has also a negative load. Refusing to listen to constructive advice, they may get into needless trouble. Although it is difficult for such people to take advice, they are patient with others when it comes to give a hand of help, and their ability to look at a problem from a variety of angles is extremely appreciated. When faced with a dilemma snake people as a rule act with speed and conviction, since they believe intensely in what they are doing and rarely waste time or energy on projects lacking in good potential. It is important to remember that life is not all work and competition. Snake person perfectly knows how to wind down and relax when such opportunity arises. This type of people often makes protective and caring friends. However, their anger can be quickly aroused, and they will soon get back if there is a suspicion that someone has taken advantage of their trust or has hurt those close to them.

Snake Love Affairs:

In love, the male snake is romantic and charming. He possesses a sense of humor while the female is usually beautiful and successful. In case person born in the year of the snake chooses a partner, he/she will be jealous and possessive. Even when the relationships are left behind this possessiveness will be clouding the snake's life. Rejection is the worst thing that can ever happen to the snake person. Such people must be received, welcomed, accepted and approved by those with whom they come in contact. Generally they need a lot of security. It often happens that snake people have one set of rules for themselves and one for their partner and this side of their nature can become a basis for misunderstandings in the future. But, when they are really romantically involved these people are also loving and attentive, stimulating and playful, though it takes time for them to get over their fears or discuss their weaknesses. The best partner for a snake type person is someone who would give him freedom, but it is also important for him to feel secure and adored.

Snake Career:

In money matters, people born in the year of snake have good luck; they don't have to worry about money too much, such people will always be able to find couple of banknotes if they need it. The snake person has an ability to read complex situations quickly and then set about resolving them in a quiet, controlled manner. It is much more convenient and useful for this people to work independently, because in this case they have freedom to travel and negotiate on their own terms. The snake people can not stand being limited by others and this is another reason for them to work solo. People born in this year are logical and organized workers and have all the qualities needed to acquire new skills. They also have a very good memory and that enables them to fulfil the projects thoroughly. They are purposeful and getting towards their aim spotting potential troubles and reacting immediately. On the other hand, should they have achieved their goal the snake people usually withdraw to gather their thoughts and rest. But they need not much time to renew their energies and be ready for new challenges.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Michael Jackson

I first heard the news of Michael's death through a coworker's email. I doubted the news so I looked on Yahoo! and didn't see any reports about it. I figured she was given bad information.

A bit later, I received a text with the same news. I got back online and did a more thorough search and found the news to be true. I can't say I was greatly affected by the news at the time. I guess I would just describe it as a surreal feeling. He's been out of the spotlight for a while now so maybe this is why it didn't seem a big deal to me. I have to admit I'm sick of most news broadcasts focusing so much attention on his death. It's sad, but life goes on.

Well, after work today I turned on the television and was flipping through channels when I came across VH1's rebroadcast of Michael's memorial held earlier today. There didn't seem to be much on so I watched it. I wasn't expecting to be touched by it, but I was.

I've been a fan of Michael's for as long as I can remember thanks to some of my brothers. Until last year, I had Michael's Thriller album on cassette tape. I only got rid of it because I don't have a tape player. I listened to that tape for many years. I'd listen to it as a kid shooting hoops at home, driving, mowing the lawn, and even in the shower. I don't think there was much life left in that thing anyway.

Watching the tribute brought back many more memories I have of listening to Michael's music. One of which is watching the debut of his music video Bad in 1987 with my mom and brothers. I remember waiting for whatever TV show that preceeded it to end. I was so excited. It was a big thing back then. You don't see music videos like that anymore. Especially videos that make it on to national TV to air during prime time spots on networks like CBS, NBC, and ABC.

I know Michael wasn't perfect, but I'm grateful for the music, dancing, and charity work he (and his family) shared with the world. Here's a tribute video I found with one of my favorite songs of his, Man in the Mirror.