Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Michael Jackson

I first heard the news of Michael's death through a coworker's email. I doubted the news so I looked on Yahoo! and didn't see any reports about it. I figured she was given bad information.

A bit later, I received a text with the same news. I got back online and did a more thorough search and found the news to be true. I can't say I was greatly affected by the news at the time. I guess I would just describe it as a surreal feeling. He's been out of the spotlight for a while now so maybe this is why it didn't seem a big deal to me. I have to admit I'm sick of most news broadcasts focusing so much attention on his death. It's sad, but life goes on.

Well, after work today I turned on the television and was flipping through channels when I came across VH1's rebroadcast of Michael's memorial held earlier today. There didn't seem to be much on so I watched it. I wasn't expecting to be touched by it, but I was.

I've been a fan of Michael's for as long as I can remember thanks to some of my brothers. Until last year, I had Michael's Thriller album on cassette tape. I only got rid of it because I don't have a tape player. I listened to that tape for many years. I'd listen to it as a kid shooting hoops at home, driving, mowing the lawn, and even in the shower. I don't think there was much life left in that thing anyway.

Watching the tribute brought back many more memories I have of listening to Michael's music. One of which is watching the debut of his music video Bad in 1987 with my mom and brothers. I remember waiting for whatever TV show that preceeded it to end. I was so excited. It was a big thing back then. You don't see music videos like that anymore. Especially videos that make it on to national TV to air during prime time spots on networks like CBS, NBC, and ABC.

I know Michael wasn't perfect, but I'm grateful for the music, dancing, and charity work he (and his family) shared with the world. Here's a tribute video I found with one of my favorite songs of his, Man in the Mirror.


BradyH said...

I'm most def down with michael...he was an amazing artist...the rest is speculation and can be left to the insecure media crazies and haters.

Thriller changed the world!!