Thursday, August 5, 2010

Surprise Visit

Had a great surprise visit from my buddy Jeff and his family today. He's currently attending the University of Pittsburgh where he's getting his doctorate in University Administration (or something like that.) We met in Las Vegas about 8 years ago. This guy is rad. We instantly bonded over our love of Michael Jordan. He owns, I think, around 20 pairs of Air Jordans and has a bunch of Jordan memorabilia. I'm quite jealous.

He's one of those guys who just seems to have connections all over the place. Luckily, I've been able to capitalize on that a few times. I've gotten free tickets to BYU football games in Vegas including the Las Vegas Bowl where BYU killed Oregon. He's flying out here on Sept 2 to go to the Pitt/Utah game and I get to go on Pitt's tab. Pretty sweet! I'm so excited to go in my new Pitt shirt and hopefully watch Pitt pound Utah.

Some of you may remember him from our Mountainwood days ways back when. Here's a picture of him and his three kids, Jack, Wellesley, and the latest addition Matthew all decked out in BYU gear. The funny thing is his wife and her family are huge Utah fans.