Saturday, February 13, 2010

I'm the bestest friend anyone could ask for!

Last night, I was reminded of a good prank I pulled on David a while back. David and I went to a birthday party for a girl that anther buddy knows and somehow the conversation turned to this prank I pulled. I've been quite successful in messing around with David and the hordes of girls who like him. There have been many late nights where we were hanging out with a girl who is in love with him who he doesn't like, but I end up leaving him alone with her so she can try to work her magic. I'm pretty great!

Well, this particular prank isn't quite like those times, but it's still pretty funny. One night we were talking about the movie The Ring and figured we should watch The Ring 2. So we went to Albertson's to rent it and when we got home and opened the case, David found the receipt with the name Sarah and a phone # written on it. We couldn't believe the store clerk was that forward.

David thought it would be funny to return the movie with my name and phone number in it. I played along thinking that I would just take the piece of paper out of the case before he returned it. Luckily, I was successful. I remember him walking into the store hoping that he didn't open the case to double check the movie was in there. I do that everytime so I figured there was a good chance he would. Nope! He didn't look. Haha!

So I knew a girl who worked at Albertson's in the customer service department and thus also worked the movie counter as well. I asked her about the girl and she said there isn't a Sarah who works there. So it turns out that the number wasn't meant for David. Hahaha!! So then I had my friend's roommate call David to ask him out. Oh my gosh. It was so funny. David was at some party so he told "Sarah" that he was busy." She asked him what he was doing next weekend and I unfortunately don't remember the whole conversation, but he was able to reject her advances.

He immediately called me to tell me she called him. I freaked out and asked how she got his number. Totally egging this on. We agreed she must have gotten his number from the membership form he had to fill out when renting the movie. Classic! Me and the girls were dying laughing while David was freaking out on the phone.

I decided that I wouldn't tell him for a while that this whole thing was fake. I think a couple months went by at least before I finally told him. And even last night when I told the group at the party that I took the slip of paper with my name and number out of the DVD case, he said he didn't know about that. I'm pretty sure I told him when I confessed to the prank, but either way, his reaction was still great last night.