Monday, March 8, 2010


I finally got around to uploading some pics and videos from last month for your viewing pleasure. Get ready for sensory overload!!!

My buddy David and I have a tradition of going to a buffet every time we have a Monday off of school. This last time we went to Golden Corral. The food sucked, but this kid made the trip so worth it.

And now some pics and vids from the concert.

Well, for some reason, I'm not able to upload any videos. The icon to add videos is missing. If I can fix it, I'll add the videos. If not, your loss!


BradyH said...

first, sweet mullet.

Second, we had trouble with uploading vids too, so we have switched to just opening up a youtube account so that we can upload them there and post them on our blog from youtube. Worked for us

Dale said...

I know! The mullet is so radical!

Youtube was the only solution I thought of as well.

Thanks for commenting! I was feeling dead to the world. I'm glad my self esteem is not completely dependent on social media, but it's nice to know someone cares. ;)