Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Weird Christmas Tradition...

I love my mom. I really do! Haha. I can imagine you're wondering where this post is going. I'm not even sure yet.

My parents are spending Christmas in Chicago this year and so they gave me my presents on Thanksgiving. I, of course, opened them as soon as I got home knowing full well they wouldn't be anything I wanted. This year wasn't as bad as some of the recent years.

For some reason my mom thinks I love getting kitchen stuff. I don't know why she thinks this. Every year, without fail, she will buy me something kitchen related. One year she bought me a garlic press. Another year she bought me a can collander. Yes...a can collander. I always figured that was what the lid was for once you opened the can. I've also gotten oven mitts and dish towels from her.

This year she got me a set of tupperware bowls from IKEA. Definitely something I could use, but won't for a while. Cooking as a single guy doesn't generate much leftovers. It's all good, though.

I just don't have the heart to tell her to not waste her money on these items. At least they aren't breaking the bank on them. It's become a joke between my brother Jesse and his wife Shannah. They always get a kitchen gagdet for me now. Last year they bought me an electric meat thermometer. That was pretty clutch. Just kidding. I don't even think it worked. It ended up in the trash pretty quickly. I should start keeping these things and then regift them for Jesse. Done!


Deanna said...

HAHAHAHA I love it. Don't forget the cologne:) Also how dare you talk about the safety suit incident. I jokingly asked...but then you seemed so serious I was just mean....just saying:)

Dale said...

Haha! You're funny. I wish I could have gotten a picture of your face while you were trying to figure it out. Priceless!